Our Team

Y Studios


Y Studios is a design and research firm located in San Francisco and Austin.

Our team is the superpower at Y Studios. Collectively, we have over 60 years of combined experience in providing research and design expertise for our clientele across the globe.

We are all hybrids with diverse multicultural backgrounds and unique life experiences that enrich our professional work.

We love to cook, eat, travel and explore new cities, learn new languages, create music, share stories, and be one with nature. We are surfers, musicians, skateboarders, bikers, tinkerers, makers, gamers, animal lovers, cultural translators, voracious readers, San Francisco Giant fans, city-dwellers, adventure-seekers, photographers, dreamers and stargazers. We are mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, sisters and brothers to those we love dearly.

Above all, we are passionate and curious about life, work and play. We continually strive to discover, learn and transform. And we are optimistic about a future far, far away.

We are Cesar, Eric, Gerry, John, Lisa, Norma, Ryan, Wai and Wynanda.

We are Y Studios.

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Thanks again to our collaborators. Without whom, this project would not have been possible. Check them out here.
We are deeply appreciative of their time, expertise and dedication to help us fulfill this passion project.